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HOT LUNCH... Deck, Vinyl 7" and Full-Length LP

I had 3-4 solid sessions at various concrete round-walls around the Bay Area with Eric Shea before I found out he was the voice for the awesome band, HOT LUNCH.  Listen to some of their songs HERE... 

Stoked to have some HOT LUNCH goods with their full-length vinyl LP, 7" vinyl single and decks in the Mini Skate Shop.  The deck is a Zagger-ish shape with a nice little money-bump. Shred it...!

Length: 33" Width" 8.75" Wheel-Base: 14.25"

HOT LUNCH's vinyl 7" and their full-length vinyl LP are also available in the Mini Skate Shop. 

Shipping Included U.S.A. 

Go Skateboarding Day w/ Arrow + Beast in Stuttgart, Germany

Jascha Muller sent these photos today (June 21, 2013) from Stuttgart, Germany of the Arrow + Beast family.  GO SKATEBOARDING DAILY! 

Mahalo to Jascha Muller, Yaw Kyeremeh, Oli Merkelbach, & Angelo Kaiser

George Rocha and Iris Skateboards

George Rocha is Iris Skateboards and he recently made two completes for the Mini Skate Shop with the, "Ripride" and the "Lil' Rhody." Check them out and support a true DIY craftsman.  Also below are links to WIRED and SFJAZZ as both have written about George and his ridable-creations.  The WIRED article has a video on their page so be sure to watch and see more of what George is about. 

The Lil' Rhody above and the Ripride below... 

Above, WIRED Magazine's video and article about George Rocha and Iris Skateboards.  

Below, Blue Note pianist, Jason Moran with an Iris Skateboard in-hand.  George built the ramp for the SFJAZZ show with Moran, who's a skateboarder and normally kills it with a piano in-hand.  I've seen him play at Yoshi's before and he's amazing... 

Jef Hartsel's Slappy Prescription By Tobin Yelland

Tobin Yelland asked Jef Hartsel to go out and film a slappy session between the two of them and made this little film called, "Attacking The Lip." If you don't get stoked to go and make your own marks on a curb today after watching this, I don't know why you're here on a skateboarding website.  So GOOD and Mahalo's to both Hartsel and Tobin. 


Jordan Viray's Vintage Backpack Collection

My friend, Jordan Viray was a big supporter when I started Equal Dist (and the 3131 space) along with the Solitary Arts.  He's always had a good eye with everything and has been in the design world for some time... Recently, he's amassed a collection of vintage backpacks which are being shown at Pilgrim in New York. Check it out and find out more from his interview at The Scout.  

Environments, A Photography Exhibit By Andrew Paynter

Andrew Paynter has an opening this coming Saturday, May 18th, 2013 in Malibu, California at Canvas from 1-5pm.  


My Hawaiian Braddah's came to visit last week and I'm so appreciative as I haven't seen them together since we were all gathered in LA for our brother Kenny... Both are huge influences for me in skateboarding and life and I can't thank them enough for their consistent and genuine support over the years.  

MOBLOW.COM for more photo adventures from this talented lens-man and STANCE.COM for Kingman.  

Mahalo and Shaka's all-around! See you guys soon! 

Zarosh Eggleston's Broken Heart and Platipus Pool Decks in the Mini Skate Shop

I'm stoked to have Zarosh Eggleston's Death Skateboards Pro-Model, "Broken Heart" in a pool size/shape along with his Platipus, "Nuclear Boobs" deck.  Platipus is Zarosh's board-screening shop that finances his DIY creation, Cachagua Land project.  100% Skateboarder.

Zarosh designed this board at 32.875" x 9" for both decks along with the artwork for the Platipus model and for the first time, a colored red heart for his, "Broken Heart" graphic with artwork originating from a linoleum block print by Chris Bourke.  

..."this is the first time that I've done a custom shape for Platipus, and I'm especially stoked to have such a functional shape." - Zarosh

You can find both decks, ready to ship for $60 (price includes shipping in US), in the Mini Skate Shop.  Worldwide shipping is always available too. Thank you!

Wayne Ernzer Benefit, Saturday April 27, 2013

My friend, Ian Ernzer's father needs assistance, love and support, so he's putting on a benefit this Saturday, April 27, 2013 at 111 Minna in San Francisco entitled, Metaphysical, An Art Auction to Benefit Wayne Ernzer

Silent Auction from 6pm to 8:30pm

21+ Event • Donations accepted at the door

Featuring Work From:

Aaron Bravo, Adam Warmington, Aleks Petrovitch, Alex Kopps, Andreini Surfboards, Annie O'Dorisio, Atlas Skateboard Store, Art Gimbel, Audi Rudzinski, Charlie Callahan, Damon Way, David Johnson, Dawn De La Fuente, Devon Howard, Dustin Ortiz, Elias Crouch, Elissa Steamer, Elizabeth Pepin, Erik Otto, Ian Ernzer, Jack Halloway, Jaime Beechum, Jbear, Jeff Canham, Jeff Peterson, Jennifer Sullivan, John Lindsey, Jon Swartz, Judd Hertzler, Katja Ollendorf, Kelly Fayer, Kyle Field, Lianne Milton, Lisa Coris, Lupine Hammack, Lindsey Byrnes, Marie Gosselin, Matt Proehl, Matt Sumner, Mollusk Surf Shop, Moses Aipa, Nathan Perkel, Nat Russell, Nathan Stapley, Nick Clausen, Noah Charnow, Park Life, Paul Ferraris, Paul Madonna, Peter McBride, Rachel Seldin, Ray Potes, RC Rivera, Rob Brodman, Robin Caddell, Robin McCoy, Scott Ellison, Sean Howe, Serena Mitnik-Miller, Thomas Campbell, Tiffany Campbell, Truong Tran, Trius Fernsler, Val Shagday, The Werehaus, Yong-Ki Chang.

Clinton Perry Photography Feb. 27, 2013

Clinton Perry is part of an opening in San Francisco on February 27, 2013 for RAW's, "Discovery."  Click image below for full details on the event.

Scumco & Sons Cinema Presents: Road to the Riches


The Skateboard Mag

Big Mahalo's to Mike Mihaly, Grant Brittain and Dave Swift for the signed prints, t-shirts and Bones 60mm SPF wheels...!  Get yours at The Skateboard Mag online shop and support the best mag in skateboarding - ykc 

The Skateboard Mag x Bones (SPF 60mm) x Neil Blender's, "Heated Wheel" is also available in The Solitary Arts Mini Skate Shop.

Rostarr, "Turbo Arena" Opening Feb. 7, 2013 in Mexico City

Rostarr's opening at Anonymous Gallery in Mexico City is looking amazing...!  Opening is February 7, 2013 - March 30, 2013.  

Anonymous Gallery
173 Zacatecas
Col. Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc
Ciudad de México, Mexico 06700
t: +52 55 6305 0364

Check-out Equal Dist. for Rostarr goods. 

The Uncommon Thread... STANCE

The best and 100% of my sock game is STANCE only.  Mahalo's to Kingman for the box! - ykc

Tommy Carroll is Brave


Full Speed Powerslide... Jason Foster

I had a great session with Jason Foster and Dave Janusko, trying old tricks, getting into some new ones and just goofin' off like you're supposed to when the folks are right and the vibe is on-point.  Phone [o] I took of Foster full-speed screeching on White Yolks and in a pair of Taylor Stitch x Solitary Arts for Bob Lake, lightweight flannel-lined denim jeans

Aloha Friday...

Todd Francis' Original Hand-Painted Pig Deck, Up For Auction

Todd Francis hand painted this classic hog shaped deck to raise money to benefit the Culver City softball league his daughters play for.  Painted and signed in January 2013, this one of a kind painting is acrylic and ink on wood (Handmade, one-off, 7-ply Canadian maple deck in support of Coach Francis), and features his recognizable pigeons, which have been synonymous with Francis and Antihero Skateboards since the mid 1990's.  Every cent raised from the sale of this deck will go directly to benefit the Culver City Fast Pitch softball league.

Ebay auction starts on January 31, 2013, 7am PST and will run for 7 days.  

Click HERE to show your support. Thank you...!

Deck Dimensions: 9.5" wide 15"WB  31" length; 7 ply Canadian maple.  

Handmade in Los Angeles with custom wheel-wells, exclusively for Equal Dist.  

Taylor Stitch, "Share Your Wear"

Please, Share Your Wear... 15% off when they share your photo.  

Below, Bob Lake in his signature Taylor Stitch x Solitary Arts, "Project Jacket" and Anthony Masters with his custom made 8.5" piglet, over-head. 

Taylor Stitch x Solitary Arts for Bob Lake Collection

Flyin' the Flannel...! or what Bob might say..."!@^%!&*"

I'm very proud to work with Anthony Masters and his family at Taylor Stitch for the Bob Lake Collection.  Today marks the first launch of Bob's flannel-lined project jacket (perfect for San Francisco and other climates which require something in-between a coat and a shirt) and an accompanying set of 13 ounce flannel-lined jeans. Support the handmade and those that have a passion for learning and creating quality products with quality people. 

Mahalo guys for making this happen to one of the best skateboaders, on and off the board... 

Video above and all photographs by Anthony Masters.  All graphic assistance by Mikey Armenta. Bob Lake shown below in his project jacket and jeans. 

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