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100% For P-STONE - Together Together x Mark Oblow x Porous Walker x Todd Francis

We're honored and humbled to create an auction for hand-painted Together Together boards by Mark Oblow, Porous Walker and Todd Francis to help raise funds for Preston Maigetter.

The auction is live from November 7 (Noon) to November 14 (Noon). 


100% of proceeds go to P-STONE's family! 


Hand painted this deck to benefit the family of P Stone, Preston Maigetter. Today at noon it’ll go up for auction on eBay, and remain up until next Wed, Nov 7. My friends Mark Oblow @markoblow and Porous Walker @porous_walker also hand painted decks for this very important cause, and they can also be found on eBay starting today. Together Together @together__together will be donating 100% from the sale of these 3 hand-painted boards towards the GoFundMe campaign setup by Kim Maigetter. I’ll post pics of all the decks in my story feed, check em out there and put a bid in today. Thanks to @ykc for making this happen, and thanks in advance for your support of the Maigetter family. @antihero18 @equaldist @dlxsf @thrashermag

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