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Whitest Boy Alive, In Paris

Whitest Boy Alive are on tour in Europe…

”...from our show in paris. tour was megabomb. sold out everywhere and people were dancing and singing along.”

love, erlend

Geoff McFetridge’s backdrop tour banner (photo shows 1/4 of the total banner)

European Tour Dates:
29.05.2009 DE-Neustrelitz
30.05.2009 AT-Linz
31.05.2009 DE-Passau
01.06.2009 DE-Essen
18.07.2009 DE-Gräfenhainichen
14.08.2009 DE-Köln
15.08.2009 DE-Hamburg
17.08.2009 DE-Dresden
18.08.2009 AT-Wien
20.08.2009 CH-Basel
22.08.2009 BE-Hasselt
23.08.2009 NL-Dronten
05.09.2009 IE-Stradbally

kenny forever

solitary arts
mini skate shop

jef hartsel

bob lake

ez ryder
is jef hartsel and jay adams

geoff mcfetridge
interviews yong-ki chang

our inclusion
in stuff

equal dist. is
yong-ki chang
in the bay area

champion don't stop
is geoff mcfetridge
in atwater village