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Hand-Screened Moonlight Riser Box

We’ve been tooling with the idea of creating a new box for our Moonlight Risers and came-up with a packaging design by utilizing cassette tape mailers. No longer used as often for cassettes but perfectly fitting for our risers. Enclosed is a pair of 1/4” moonlight risers (one white and one red), along with a pack of 1-1/4” hardware. Batteries included. That sounds funny…

The blank boxes shipped flat so it gave Geoff McFetridge and Mike Calvert at Champion Studios a nice palette for hand-screening our new Moonlights graphics all-around the box. We also made a Moonlights shirt in our store.

Re-use it by making a friend a mix-tape and enclosing it in the box after you get the risers out for your board setup. Gifting is great, especially a mix-tape.

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