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Mattson Family Art Benefit Friday, June 26th, 2009

Mattson Family Art Benefit
Friday, June 26 – one night only!

4658 Mission Blvd.
Pacific Beach, California

Music by
Ray Barbee Meets the Mattson 2

Featuring artists:
Alberto Cuadros : Andrew Paynter : Andy Davis: Candace Anderson : Chivo : Ciro Bicudo : David Hanson :Droog79 : Dustin Ortiz : Ed Fladung : Frank Cubillos :Heather Brown : Jair Bortoleto : Jamie Watson : Jay Watson: Jenny McGee Dougherty : Jessica Nichols : John Zane Zappas : Joseph Conway : Julie Goldstein : Justin Furniss :Kassia Meador : Katrine Hildebrandt : Kieron ‘Seamouse’ Lewis : Kim Nguyen : Kyle Lightner : Lindsay Preston : Liz Cockrum : Luke Taaffe : Maggie Marsek : Meegan Feori :Michael Singman-Aste : Peter Jackson Hussey : Peter McBride : Renata Morrone : Rick Albano : Ryan Tatar :Serena Mitnik-Miller : Scott Massey : Scott Szegeski : Ted ‘Clayfin’ Gallup : Theo Hetherington : Thomas Campbell :Tiffany Campbell : Todd Stewart : Troy Dockins : Ty Williams : Yusuke Hanai

Silent Auction 7pm – 9pm
Art to be “in hand” to winning bidder by 9:30pm
100% of the proceeds will go to the Mattson family.
$5 suggested donation at the door.

For directions and other information, please visit their blog HERE.

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