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Ray Barbee Meets The Mattson 2

CD available in our Mini Skate Shop.

Ray Barbee Meets The Mattson 2.

The Mattson 2 are some of our favorite people and good friends of the Solitary Arts. In the past, we were stoked to have Ray Barbee play here at 3131 Clement with Tommy Guerrero and BLKTOP Project. Our friend Tyler Manson did the DVD, “How Did” (included with this CD), and Geoff McFetridge did all of the artwork.

A dream combination of folks on one incredible album.


Ray Barbee and Jared Mattson: Guitars, Jonathan Mattson: Drums

July 12th 7pm $10.00
Dizzy’s/San Diego Wine & Culinary Center
Harbor Club Towers ground floor
2nd & J Street, San Diego 92101

The place is sometimes hard to find, but its behind the Harbor Club on the ground floor. For more info about location and parking, etc. check the Dizzy’s website.

Find more awesome recordings at Galaxia Records.

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