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Igloo Store 7 Year Anniversary Exhibit & Bazaar, August 8

We’re proud to announce the 7 Year Anniversary of The Igloo Store in San Diego on Saturday, August 8.


The Solitary Arts created a new 18″ × 25″ poster for Igloo’s Anniversary. This exclusive edition of 50 posters are signed and numbered by Geoff and will be available at Saturday’s event.

An additional run of artist proofs (unsigned and unnumbered edition) of this poster will be available on the Solitary Arts site later this month.

Gary Benzel has been instrumental in bringing us really great designs, graphics and product over the years through Igloo, Green Lady and HunterGatherer (with Todd St. John).

Thanks to Gary, Arik, and Steph!

New Solitary Arts, 2 Color, 18″ × 25″ Signed & Numbered Poster. Exclusive Edition of 50 For Igloo Store!

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