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Visiting, Cardiff By The Sea

After the Igloo Anniversary this past Saturday in San Diego, Geoff and our respective families visited Cardiff on Sunday as a leisurely visit before heading back home to LA and SF.

Ebb and Flow is a new shop in Cardiff and their grand opening, which was on 08/08/09 (the same night as the Igloo Anniversary) looked to be another spot folks gravitated to that evening. Makes perfect sense with Andy Davis’ (and Ashely Davis’) 6 month exhibit and their complete product offering infused into the store. The space is a beautiful slice of the Davis’ output of artwork, clothing, and overall aesthetic.

The Mattson 2 along with Ray Barbee opened the festivities and a solid stock of Galaxia recordings are available to purchase at the store.

Check the opening PHOTOS from the Ebb and Flow site.

The entire store was an awesome visit for us. Plus, Khamla is a great ambassador for Ebb and Flow. Thanks for the hospitality!

This record player is simply beautiful. Now if I can find another one and have it sit next to our studio jukebox, I think we can cover all vinyl-bases.

Geoff and I signed the visitors book… JOIN US.

Directly across the street is the Patagonia Cardiff store where Geoff installed a huge installation behind their cash-wrap when they first opened.

Geoff’s installation is a labor of love… So good…

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