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Colette Introduces The Solitary Arts @ Paper 24HR


6 p.m.-6 p.m.: 24-hour Shopping Marathon!

Event: IS IT ART OR IS IT COMMERCE? PAPER’s 24-hour Department Store

Open to the Public

Location: PAPER’s Cultural Storefront – 233 S. La Brea @ 3rd St., Hollywood

PAPER opened a high concept “24 Hour department store,” an indoor market with 25 participating brands, artists and shops that PAPER adores. Unique/limited brands will be on display such as Colette (Introducing The Solitary Arts), Opening Ceremony, Undefeated, M.A.C Cosmetics, The Smell, Levi’s® Damien Hirst, Screaming Mimi’s, Ooga Booga, Mollusk, Citizen-Citizen, PAPER art store, Family, RVCA, Kime Buzzelli’s Showpony, Creative Growth, Jack Spade, Lost & Found, William Good, Heartschallenger, Cobrasnake, Supreme, A+R, Ingo Maurer, Three Asfour, FUCT, Rodarte, Jeremy Scott, Modern Appealing Clothing, Hit + Run and many more. This will be the best store on earth and will only be open for 24 hours then it will disappear. Andrew Andrew will be the 24-hour hosts pod casting, DJing and simply performing acts every hour on the hour.

Presented by Project title sponsors: Levi’s® and M.A.C Cosmetics.

We’d like to thank Sarah and Colette for welcoming The Solitary Arts and showcasing our products at her booth. Geoff did an awesome single-marker drawing for the Colette booth, situated directly in-front, as you enter the department store.

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