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Waipahu, Hawaii 1989

I found this photo recently of a demo in Waipahu, Hawaii from 1989. Jeff Mills dated it with his Mark Gonzales split-face board (that he’s holding by the nose… he was one of the first to ride one when it came out that year).

This demo was with the Blue Hawaii skate team (Jeff Mills, Jared Bush, John Bala and Joel Acob) along with some of the pro’s from the Alva team. I think Jef Hartsel and Chris Cook were in this demo too but I can’t remember whom else was riding that day. I do remember Cooksies super-stylish g-turns though.

Standing L-R: Jeff Mills, Jared Bush, Joel Acob, and John Bala. Sitting in the front row, in front of Bala: Mike Okawa, Kenny Brimer, Rich Nickla, and Yong-Ki (just peeking-out behind Nickla’s red hat).

I have no idea who took this photo and how I came upon it in my skate box, but I’m thankful I did.

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