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Support Your Local Friend...

Fitted Hawaii (Rene Matthyssen) and APB Skate Shop (Chad Hiyakumoto), worked together with the Hawaii Bone Marrow Donor Registry and created a “packet of goods” (a hat, a t-shirt and two different decks) in support of our brother, Kenny Brimer.

You can check-out the Shota Kubo (yes, Shota, son of Shogo) video, filmed by Kenny, when you click on the image below and scroll to bottom of the page.

T-shirt sleeve graphic.

March 3, 2010
Today I started radiation treatment. It was easy. Now I just
need to watch myself and make sure I don’t get sick. They
will be keeping an eye on me and on the 10th, I get one more
dose. That will be it for the radiation part of this and then
I’ll start chemo again. Just wanted to let you guys know what
was going on. Talk to you soon.

- Kenny

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