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Allister Lee's Week In San Francisco

Allister Lee is having a solo opening reception scheduled for Saturday, March 13,2010 at STUSSY in San Francisco from 8-11PM.

In addition, he’s a part of the inaugural group opening at Guerrero Gallery, also in San Francisco this Saturday, March 6, 2010.

Congratulations to FLY Skateshop and GIFT Skateboards in Shanghai, China! View their entire video above, “It’s A Wrap”, clocking-in at a bit over 42 minutes.

Allister was asked to work in Shanghai for 3 months in which he helped on various projects such as creating titles for the video, “It’s A Wrap” as well as the 10th Anniversary logo and decks for GIFT Skateboards.

I miss Shanghai… good people and best overseas skate trip ever.

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