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30 Days of Family in NYC

I was asked by Sammy Harkham and David Kramer to be a part of a show they are having in NYC. I am excited to be a part of it:

Geoff Mcfetridge * Brian Roettinger * Ashley Snow Macomber * Sergio Aragones * Pablo Ferro * Kyle Field * Hamburger Eyes * Cali Thornhill Dewitt * Deanna Templeton * Ed Templeton * Rodarte * Autumn De Wilde

I wish I got to go to dinner with all those people.

This art show is part of a larger project that seems to have something to do with Spike Jonze and his new short film: I’m Here. It is also a Pop-Up version of Family Bookstore, which is a bit local Los Angeles awesomeness. Well, they get it for a month then it is coming back.
This is a very contemporary situation; pop-up-shop, art, performance, film, music and corporate sponsorship. It looks like it turned out really great though. It is hard to see the art because of all the hipsters though (see above) There are events throughout this month.

70 Franklin Street like a knife in the heart of Tribeca

- GM

kenny forever

solitary arts
mini skate shop

jef hartsel

bob lake

ez ryder
is jef hartsel and jay adams

geoff mcfetridge
interviews yong-ki chang

our inclusion
in stuff

equal dist. is
yong-ki chang
in the bay area

champion don't stop
is geoff mcfetridge
in atwater village