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Bill Frisell Residency...

I was honored and privileged to attend all 4 nights of Bill Frisell‘s residency this past week at Yoshi’s in Oakland. The shows were excitingly-varied, as always; the fans were diverse and interesting and the music was, well, like every Bill Frisell show… magical. I went to 6 shows in 4 consecutive nights (both sets on Saturday and Sunday) and I wasn’t alone as many did exactly the same. Amazing… He’s been my favorite guitar player for 20 years now.

Mystery guest on April 8th was Buddy Miller
April 9th, Music For Films featured animation from Jim Woodring, a short by Bill Morrison and scores accompanying Buster Keaton’s classic films.
April 10th was the liveliest of the sets since everyone knew most of the songs.
The April 11th show was the first-time Bill Frisell played with Jason Moran, live. Wow.

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