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"Deckades" - GM Deck For Unicef

Geoff’s contribution to “DECKADES”, in the UK is available here, through eBay.

I sent this flyer to my friend, Jef as it looked like him in the photo…

Holy Sh#%*, haven’t seen this in DECKADES!!!
(ALVA Posse dayz… L-R: J.T., J.H., Dandforth in the U.K.!) What a TRIP… super cool the foto made the flyer! I seriously forgot about this shot… it was us 3 & Eric Dressen on this tour thru the U.K., skating & traveling with these guys was a total blast…
Eric D. at the top of his game. Actually… I’m riding my first SMA-Rocco board in this foto. It was a ALVA-Danforth, DOGTOWN-Eric D., and SMA-WORLD-J.H. tour… I think i paid for J.T.’s ticket so he could come with… those were the days!

- Jef Hartsel

Geoff did one of the 20 hand-painted, 1987 Chris Miller “Snake” blanks that are being auctioned with all proceeds going to Unicef.

Browse and bid on the complete list of boards up for auction, here.

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