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EZ-Ryder Originalz By: Jay Adams and Jef Hartsel

Jay Adams, 1977; Jef Hartsel 2009, “Uluwatu’s”, Hawaii

Koa is the largest endemic tree in Hawaii. This species exists naturally nowhere else in the world. It was the material of choice for hand-carved ocean-faring canoes. Highly figured koa is preferred in the making of fine furniture, musical instruments, gunstocks, knife handles, and the KOA “Collector- Edition” by EZ-Ryder… the debut release from Jay Adams and Jef Hartsel.

EZ-Ryder is only Jay Adams and Jef Hartsel… operated and skated.

The next release, following the Koa complete is scheduled for this July.

Jay Adams and Jef Hartsel; first release session. [o] Ryan Toyama
For full image, click photo above.

The two-tone clay wheels perfectly complement this run of 50 custom Koa completes.

Click image above and visit for details. Mahalo.

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