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De-stalling in Seattle with Geoff McFetridge

Photographer, friend and ambassador of the Solitary Arts, Andrew Paynter, along with Geoff McFetridge and myself flew-into Seattle over this past weekend to de-stall Geoff's 3-year installation at the Seattle Art Museums Olympic Sculture Park.  It took Geoff months of preparation and 10 days with a full staff to prepare for the initial opening on March 29, 2008. The de-stalling came down within 5 hours with little pain and lots of time to spare in Seattle.  Geoff's Pottok wallpaper on the opposing length of the wall on the other-hand, probably took the remainder of the day. Sad to see this come down but it did stay-up for 3 years instead of the initially proposed annual rotation.  Mahalo. 

All I could think about once Geoff's installation of bent-plywood posters came-down, were the formation of ridable transitions laying about.  I was jonesing to skate... 

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