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Gleaner Project: Tuesday August. 24, 2010

The Gleaner Project, brought to you by Ms. Jen, Bob and Dixie Lake, will be held on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 in San Francisco at: 900 Tennessee St, #16.  

"you are invited to come to an exclusive preview pick & purchase party of allllll the amazing gleaned goods i've collected from my summer state wide travels!  there is some killer women's & men's vintage clothing & vintage homewares, mid century modern goods, & just plain rad things your home might need that i'd like to let you get first shopping dibs on before i stock the gleaner project etsy shop!  please invite your friends & come out -- there will be bevvies & treats available while you take a gander.  some photo shots from our travels will be on slide show too!  we'd love to see you regardless if you need any amazing vintage items or not, so stop on by & say hi to us!"

- ms. jen

Email: for questions about the Gleaner Project and let Ms. Jen know how many cookies to bake for your visit.  


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