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Adrian Meier-Dentzel and The Glass Slipper

Adrian Meier-Dentzel is part of a show on Monday, September 20, 2010, in London at the Phillips de Pury & Company, called, Projectory (Saatchi for more details).  

Adrian is introducing his Glass Slipper for this opening... His inspiration came from the Solitary Arts Moonlights.  The Moonlights are imbedded into the clear polycarbonate deck with 3 white LED's from each riser.

"Glass Slipper"
skateboard, 2010
Adrian Rubi-Dentzel
polycarbonate, LEDs, metal, pulyurethane

The product of nostalgic futurism and California lore, the Glass Slipper is a crystal clear, glowing skateboard.  During the day, watch the prism-flecked sidewalk pass under you.  At night, glide down the street on an illuminated crystal slab. 

Each Glass Slipper is hand-shaped out of a single piece of clear polycarbonate by Adrian Rubi-Dentzel at UFACTO in Paris, France, and features Moonlights light-up risers, Black Eggs wheels, and Steely Shieldless Bearings, all by Solitary Arts, and Ace trucks.

[o] By Danielle Rubi

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