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MAKR Carry Goods

Jon Campbell came by the Solitary Arts office and brought a deck he wanted to setup as a complete.  Coincidently, the deck was made by our friend, Jason Gregory.  Jason owns and operates MAKR... the purveyor of handmade leather carry goods, all designed and crafted in the USA. Jason is a skater so he combined both his passion for skating and leather-making with this deck and leather-riser set.  Yup, leather risers!

8.4 x 31.75 x 15 (Wheel-Base) and a great shape!  Click here to grab one.  

Along with the MAKR deck, Jon built his complete with 58mm 87a Drifters Wheels, ACE Trucks, SA Steely Bearings, and Robot Guts Hardware.

Jon Campbell at the Solitary Arts office.

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