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Our friends, Jef Hartsel and his partner in EZ-Ryder, Jay Adams recently gifted both Geoff and myself with their incredible debut, the EZ-Ryder Originalz, Hawaiian Koa Wood complete. We've been talking about it for months in anticipation so upon receiving them on the same day, both Geoff and I were floored by the beauty, finish and their attention to detail with this inaugural release. Click any photo below to check-out the EZR site for all details of the Koa Wood complete along with a superb blog and more on the horizon with shirts and accessories.   

Mahalo to Hartsel for the killer box-art and sincere letters.  We're really stoked and honored. Both Geoff and I felt it was Christmas this day...

Geoff McFetridge and the EZ Ryder Hawaiian Koa Wood Complete

Yong-Ki Chang and the EZ Ryder complete

Two-tone wheels, shield-less bearings, painted red nut and kingpin-finish, black truck-hangar with matching black bushings, wood-screw mounting-hardware... etc. etc. etc... the epitome of a classic.

Jef Hartsel's skate-box artwork


Click for complete photos from the build.

Each one of the 50 completes are hand-built by Jef Hartsel in Hawaii.

Jef Hartsel mounting wood-screws.

Jay Adams signs-off each finished complete.

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