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Blue Magazine Japan, in Hawaii

I've been getting Blue surfing magazine ever since I met Takashi and Junko a few years ago.  I'm very thankful as each issue is beautifully done and visiting friends love skimming through this Japanese surf magazine when they stop-by the studio.  

The latest issue, (No. 26) features our friends in Hawaii. 

Bobby Asato runs Bland Brand along with his photography site, My Americana. Bobby, with APB skate shop, created this benefit shirt for Kenny Brimer last year as well as art-directing Kenny's collaboration with Bad Brains and ROIR records. And occasionally, works with me on Tommy Guerrero shirt layouts

Also, this issue features a shop visit with friends Jun Jo of In4mation/Aloha Army/Residence and a visit with Reva at the Tee Tee Bar.

Luckily, the folks at Blue Magazine went to Jef Hartsel's studio (he has since moved to a new studio) and also got a nice full-page skate-shot of his frontside slash!  EZ-Ryder!

Mahalo for rocking the Head Trip shirt, Hartsel!  

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ez ryder
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