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North Shore Skate Session

Back in October, Jef Hartsel, Mark Oblow, Dylan Rieder and myself made our way to the North Shore of Oahu to get a session going while we were all together during Kenny Brimer's memorial weekend. We met with Chad (APB) and Larry (Skate Nazi) along with friends, Aaron, Travis and his sister, Kallie for an afternoon of skateboarding during intermittent island rain-showers. We traveled from the North Shore park (rained-out), to a private-covered mini ramp, ending with a memorable session at Cholo's backyard paradise.  Good times!  Mahalo!

A stop at the pineapple fields with Oblow, on the way to the North Shore.

Drying out Cholo's for the session. 

Aaron McMullen filmed and edited the video above from that day. Music by Mark Oblow with his new/used ukulele. Travis and Kallie Hancock, Chad Hiyakumoto, Larry Warnken, Dylan Rieder, Mark Oblow, Yong-Ki Chang, and Jef Hartsel.

I shot some skate footage of the session in the two bowls at Cholo's in-between runs and edited this quick-one above.  

Yong-Ki, Oblow, Hartsel, & Dylan at Aala Park.

Jef Hartsel, Back Smith at Cholo's, courtesy of Ryan Allan and Skateboard Mag.

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