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CONTRAST Magazine 05

Todd Shimabuku (In4mation) linked Geoff McFetridge and myself with Mark Kushimi of CONTRAST magazine a few months ago.   Contrast is on issue No. 05 and coming straight out of my home-island of Oahu, Hawaii with consistently good content and great contributors.  Mark was generous with allowing Geoff to work on, "The Geeks" cover along with a 10 page insert of the upcoming Solitary Arts Times.  It's the precursor to the full-length Times, which will be twice the size with a pull-out, double-sided poster (Kyle Field on one side and Geoff's artwork on the other).  We're honored to be featured in Contrast and thank Mark for his overwhelming support. Contrast is free so pick-one up if you're in the islands.  You can also order one from Hawaii through their site, HERE

The next 10 online orders will get a copy with their package, compliments from Contrast and the Solitary Arts. 


Page 80 editorial with model, Brittney Valverde; [o] Mark Kushimi

Alternate shots, courtesy of Mark Kushimi

All Hands!

kenny forever

solitary arts
mini skate shop

jef hartsel

bob lake

ez ryder
is jef hartsel and jay adams

geoff mcfetridge
interviews yong-ki chang

our inclusion
in stuff

equal dist. is
yong-ki chang
in the bay area

champion don't stop
is geoff mcfetridge
in atwater village