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Fitted x Eighty Four Skate Co. x Vans... Off The Wallows!

Our friend Rene Matthyssen, co-owner of FITTED Hawaii along with Eighty Four Skate Co. and Vans will be releasing their Era Pro this coming Monday, Feb. 14th (Valentine’s Day) with only 75 pairs available.  

Aloha kakou!

This Monday, Valentine’s Day, we’re finally releasing our second footwear project. As you know by now, we’ve teamed up with Eighty Four Skate Co. and Vans to construct a Vans model. The model for this Vans is an Era Pro constructed of black linen with single stitch embroidering in a multitude of colors as seen on our O.G. black kala. For those who may not have been around for our Kala releases, we’ll give you a small rundown on this: Kala roughly translates to money in Hawaiian, and you know all the saying: “Money is the root of all evil.”We’ve flipped this concept into something a lot more positive. We’re extremely excited about this project and has been a long-time coming! For the Vans, there are only 75 pairs. Releasing with this pack is an all black tanktop with white all over Kala print and an all black t-shirt flipping the Vans Off the Wall graphics into Hawaii: Off the Wallows. - FITTED

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