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Hickam Hanger Days - 88'-91'

The Hickham Hanger on the island of Oahu was a spot that most skaters went to at some point in the late 80's and 90's before it became the skatepark it is today.  Most of us had already made friends through skateboarding to obtain guest-passes to gain entry into the Air Force base (or we'd climb through holes made in the fence... not happening these days).  We would bring launch ramps and skate the few things that were hauled-in or hammered under the leaking roof that hosted heated Friday and Saturday night sessions.  We'd see everyone that ripped in Hawaii come through.  Eventually, a 10ft vert ramp, initially made for a pro-demo on the soccer fields outside of Pearl Harbor was brought-in to the hanger. Rich Nickla took photos of some of Hawaii's finest and they've recently surfaced... 1988-1991 or so...

Left to right, starting with a sitting Craig Pratt (blue shirt), Kenny Brimer on the chair next to him, Rene Matthyssen's back and a young Shawn Naone (green shirt).

Kenny Brimer

John Bala, big fs nosebone on the 10ft vert ramp.

Rene Matthyssen, Madonna.  Rene just got some well-deserved Chrome Ball Incident love too... 

Rob Carlyon, melon to fakie. 

Craig Pratt, fs crail-snatch.

Jared Bush... fs tail-grab.

kenny forever

solitary arts
mini skate shop

jef hartsel

bob lake

ez ryder
is jef hartsel and jay adams

geoff mcfetridge
interviews yong-ki chang

our inclusion
in stuff

equal dist. is
yong-ki chang
in the bay area

champion don't stop
is geoff mcfetridge
in atwater village