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Kyle Field's "Space Cake"

Opening Reception: Thursday February 17th, 7-10pm

Feb 17th - March 27th

The show will consist of a month-long gallery transformation that will include installations, workshops, music performance and overall happening.

Kyle Field and Thomas Campbell will be working in and evolving the gallery space, transforming the area into a workspace and an art installation. Gallery visitors will have the opportunity to see the space evolve over the month long duration where Field and Campbell will be working on a semi-regular basis while staging performances (poetry, music, performance, workshops, and more..) on Thursdays throughout the month with other events to be announced as well.

Line-up of events for Space Cake featuring the work of Thomas Campbell and Kyle Field - 
Schedule of Performances for the Month of Feb and March
Art & Music performances will be between 8-11 pm. Please note all events are on thursday nights throughout the duration of the exhibit.

Feb. 17th -- Little WingsRustangsRange of Light Wilderness - covers night

Feb. 24th -- Mumlers variety show and Tomorrow's Tulips

March 3rd -- Little Wings Record Release Party for "Black Grass" plus performances by Sandy's and Jefferey Manson

March 10th -- The Mattson 2 perform -- Louis Andriessen's "workers union" among other compositions, plus Tommy Guerrero and Monte Vallier perform there double bass freak out

About the artist:

Kyle Field has been drawing for his whole life. He intends to keep drawing, making forts or costumes or dolls. Kyle shows with Taylor De Cordoba Gallery in Los Angeles and has shown in Paris, Germany, New York. Kyle is the front man for Little Wings.

Park Life
220 Clement St
SF CA 94118

I went to visit Kyle today at Park Life on his first day of installation for his upcoming show this Thursday.  I had a great time... Thanks Kyle! In addition, mahalo to Derek and Jaime from Park Life for the hospitality!  

Kyle's desk area in progress...

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