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EZ RYDER is 100% Skateboarding!

Geoff McFetridge and I want to thank both Jef Hartsel and Jay Adams for their love and support! 

EZ Ryder skateboards are what we dig here at the Solitary Arts! They make the best handmade boards in our opinion and rightfully so with the history both Hartsel and Adams bring forth with their 35 years of dedication and passion for skateboarding.  

Hartsel had a session recently with Chad Hiyakumoto and Jordan DeOliveira back on the islands.  Thanks, guys!  Tons of amazing photos from Hartsel so check the entire posting on the EZ Ryder blog page as it's both humbling and stoke-filled, all at once.  Read the rest of the blog as well as it's some of the best vibes you're going to get from a skateboarding website.  

Congratulations to Jef and Eri!
Welcome, Nainao Kenneth-Zen Hartsell! 


Jef Hartsel's quiver of Solitary Arts completes

Hartsel's Piano Pinner with custom EZ RYDER x ACE Trucks!  So perfect!

Getting ready to session the quiver...

Hartsel's style is timeless and rad... Boneless-one and bone-fs noseblunt up the barrier-escalator.

Hand-planted, push-up wall-ride!

Chad Hiyakumoto, owner of APB Skateshop in Hawaii. Pocket Horn no-comply and Piano Pinner boardslide.

Jordan DeOliviera, APB Team Rider and part of the employed Girl/Chocolate Skateboards family, cruising the Big Red. 

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