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Tobin Yelland "In The House" Sunday in San Francisco

“In The House!”

Tobin Yelland Slideshow + Talk
Sunday May 18th at Photo Epicenter, San Francisco

Photo Epicenter
26 Lilac St.
San Francisco CA 94110

Slideshow will run approx 1 hr. and starts promptly at noon on Sunday, May 18th.

Photographer and Filmmaker Tobin Yelland’s work features the day-to-day experiences of many different characters playing out their sexuality and aggression with youthful invincibility. Since the age of fifteen, Yelland has been steadily documenting the shadowy existence of youth and its vestiges in day-to-day life. In conjunction with the Being True Photo Exhibition, Tobin will be showing and talking about his work Sunday May 18th at Photo Epicenter. See a sample of Tobin’s work at

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