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Cliff House on Great Highway

I take my daily route to the studio along the beach via the Great Highway here in San Francisco and have rarely seen anyone bombing the curved road leading down the hill from the Cliff House to Ocean Beach. It’s not impossible of course but it’s quite steep at the top and speed is immanent without fail. Yes, I’ve seen someone cruise their longboard and carve it while speed-checking around the turns but today, with the perfect Bay Area weather, I finally got a glimpse of someone charging it. As I made the second to the last curve up the hill (last bend; right-turn in the photo below), a solo kid, probably 15 years old, street board with hard wheels, silver headphones the size of his head, was gunning-it with no foot-drag at top speed. Styled and natural… This turn is where you think either, “I’m making it, or it’s over.” I probably would have thought that even before this section of the road, further up. Stoked as I raised my arm out the window towards him this beautiful afternoon in elation. It made my Monday for sure…

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Pottok Opening Reception

Photos courtesy of: Kitsune Noir.

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Matt Irving Interview in SLAP

Matt Irving is featured in the latest issue of SLAP Magazine with a retrospective of his favorite deck collaborations. It also includes the upcoming release of the Hessenmob x Delphi Collective project this Fall.

Thanks to Isaac McKay-Randozzi for interviewing Matt and taking the photos. Go and pick-up a copy to read Matt’s interview.

The upcoming release of the Hessenmob x Delphi Collective collaboration. Exclusively through Equal Dist. this Fall in the U.S.

Tommy Guerrero & "Return of the Bastard"

Tommy Guerrero’s latest release coincides with his 10 year anniversary since his first recording. His latest record “Return of the Bastard”, recently dropped and is available through Galaxia Records. Also, listen-in on his interview and live studio performance at

Both Tommy Guerrero & Bing Ji Ling will be showcasing each of their new recordings live on Friday, March 7, 2008 at 12 Galaxies (4 Year Anniversary) in San Francisco.

And in the San Francisco Chronicle…

Paper Magazine Video

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BLUE Magazine

We were fortunate to get hardcopies of BLUE Magazine from Takashi Tomita recently and scanned pages for the site.

Thank you Takashi!

...super nice cover by andy davis

Page 72 of issue no. 8

Page 9 of issue No. 8 features the San Francisco, Oakley x Todd Francis event from last fall.

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