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Equal Dist. in Shanghai, China

M. Morgan, Tim Sedo, and Matt Irving asked Equal Dist. @ 3131 along with a list of artists and other skateboard-related folks to participate in this years, “3 Stripe Skate Hype”, in Shanghai, China. The event will host a skate contest for both AM and PRO.
During this 4 day event (July 19-22), they’ve scheduled an artshow with an invitation to Andrew Pommier, Matt Irving, Sandro Grison (Color Magazine), Fan, Kirk Dianda, Benjamin Deberdt, Ray (RayDesign), Allister Lee (Alist), Fos, FLY/Gift, and Hessenmob Skateboards, courtesy of Equal Dist. at 3131 Clement. Check the link above for complete artist information.
Equal Dist. will be showing a select mix of decks from Hessenmob’s collaborative history along with original artwork from past and current Hessenmob alumni. Original pieces from Don Pendleton, Ian Johnson, and Mark Gonzales will accompany the decks. Matt Irving designed the Hessenmob obstacle featured in the contest and demo. In addition, the wall will host the photography of Hessenmob Skateboards co-founder, Christian Roth, accompanied by photography by Isaac McKay-Randozzi and Yong-Ki Chang.

Mahalo’s to everyone involved with this event as the logistics and transportation on this has been amazing!

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