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Porous Walker's "Califin"

Porous Walker sent this today. Love it, as with all things Porous Walker.

GM's Didactic Box From REDCAT

Here’s a photo that Geoff sent of the didactic box that he built for the REDCAT exhibit this past February.

Click photo to get a slightly larger image.


BLUE Magazine’s latest issue, “What’s Surf Music” (No. 11) features BLKTOP PROJECT (Ray Barbee, Tommy Guerrero, Chuck Treece, & Matt Rodriguez).

Galaxia Records has their CD for $10. Only good things will come out of it when getting yourself a copy.

Exclusive Tommy Guerrero shirts and 12” signed records available at Equal/3131 Clement

BLUE is available at Kinokunia Bookstore in Japantown, San Francisco

Thanks again to Takashi for the magazine.

Tommy on bass (bottom; left) is from our studio, 3131 Clement in San Francisco.


This album slipped through somehow and now, a trip to the record store is a must. That last Bill Frisell guitar “squeal” at the end of the video is amazing!

Tony Alva & Mark Gonzales

Save The Waves Presents" Life Is A Wave"

Skylar Crawford from Save The Waves asked The Solitary Arts to participate with donating a Big Red complete for tonight’s (May 22, 2008) “Life Is A Wave” event, honoring the efforts of Mark Massara. It’s at 111 Minna from 6pm – Midnight, here in San Francisco.

$20 gets you in and $50 (green package) gets you a membership along with a goody bag and entry. Can’t hurt and with the Mollusk family in full-tow along with a ton of other noteworthy participants, this should be pretty awesome.
On a related note, you can still check-out Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall’s show as it’s still up when I visited 111 Minna today. Once again, congratulations with the recent marriage! We had a great time at the wedding! Mahalo.

Check Save The Waves for complete info related to their efforts and tonight’s party.

Color Magazine 6.2

Color Magazine Issue 6.2 (Summer 2008), features the Solitary Arts’ Pocket Horn complete and Drifters wheels.


Page 42; Product Toss “Holy Rollers”

Pocket Horn Complete

Page 52

Drifters and a write-up about the Traveler

Patagonia Video Post

On March 29th of this year, Patagonia had a T-Shirt Art Exhibit in their Santa Monica location for a handful of artists.

In addition to the plethora of t-shirt graphics that Geoff McFetridge did over a 3 1/2 year course for Patagonia, he also designed their Bend To Baja site as well as the masthead for The Cleanest Line page.

Below is the video for the opening reception. Thanks to Brooks Scott at Patagonia, Chicago for sending this to us today.

OK Studio Skating & Pacing

I went to visit the Ordinary Kids studio here in San Francisco last week and took a few photos. Ferris Plock told me that Jason Herring was constantly riding around on his Pocket Horn, shredding the studio space during phone conversations. When I went to visit, Jason was indeed pulling the smoothest g-turns, shove-its, and various manual concoctions throughout the duration of his calls, and only during his calls. Skate-pacing… I do it all the time here at our studio but Jason’s the master. Besides sitting at his desk working feverishly, Jason is skating again. This after recent knee surgery and Jason’s first few weeks of being back on a board. Word.

& Welcome Henry!

Henry Herring… The newest Ordinary Kids addition & Kermit

Shipping Boxes

We’re screening our own shipping boxes for the Solitary Arts here in San Francisco. So far, we’ve done about a dozen or so and with a new laundry-sink getting installed soon to assist with cleaning the screens, we’ll be able to start on a regular basis… maybe. We had the Moon graphic for a day and now, the Drifter makes its entry onto the boxes that you receive when you order from the site.

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