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Tommy Guerrero In Stuttgart, Germany July 26, 2011

Tommy Guerrero will be playing at the Skateboard Museum in Stuttgart, Germany on July 26, 2011. 

Our friends at Arrow + Beast in Stuttgart are the only ones that have Tommy's, "Hecho En SF" t-shirts in celebration, thanks to brother Gene Dadoy. 

Since Gene, who lives in Stuttgart via Hawaii, will be missing Tommy's performance (he'll be in Hawaii on that day), we wanted to spread the aloha spirit for him, as he would if he was there, by sending the next 8 folks that purchase Tommy's, "From The Soil To The Soul" re-issue on CD, a deadstock sticker-pack with 2003's, "Soul Food Taqueria" and the classic, "Hecho En SF" sticker.  

Visit our SHOP to purchase, "From The Soil To The Soul" for $14. Shipping included in the US.
Cover artwork by Barry McGee

2003 Soul Food Taqueria double-postcard sticker, artwork by ESPO and the classic Hecho En SF, designed by Tommy.

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