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Todd Francis x 3131 Clement Gallery San Francisco

Todd Francis & Ryan Kingman @ the Element office, prepping for the opening. That’s Kingman behind the Brazilian politician illustration (Bob Burnquist; Anti-Hero original graphic).

This photo ran in the San Francisco Chronicle on Thursday, September 25. I fielded a batch of phone calls from concerned readers regarding both the subject of hacking pigeons on a chopping board as well as the Chinese man wielding the blade. Good times…

Todd completed the third of his three part “New” works here at the space.

Qty of 100, 12” x 18” 5 color hand-screened prints for “New and Used”

The Full Kit
50 signed and numbered 8” decks for the show. 6-color, screened boards featuring selected graphics from Anti-Hero, Real, Stereo, and Element, along with their logos

100 signed 5-color screened 12” x 18” prints along with a dump load of stickers that Todd created all specifically for this show. The issue of SLAP features Todd’s Artist Portfolio.

Todd also did a “Bloodsucking Financial Institution” Credit Covers, which was part of this “Kit”

John Cardiel “Natures Revenge, Pigeons” 1996
Julien Stranger “Natures Revenge, K-9” 1996

Element; Brent Atchley “Forage, Bear” 2006

Anti-Hero; Julien Stranger “Roach, Egg” 1997

New Deal; Ryan Johnson “Da Vinci, Polar Bear” 2000

Anti-Hero; John Cardiel “Zapatista” 1996

One of three new works, “Park Ranger” 2008

“Butterfly Collector” 2008

“Visually Impaired” 2008

Element; “Ram” Courtesy of J.S.

Anti-Hero; John Cardiel “Disease, Flesh Eating Bacteria” 1997

Todd cleaning the windows before the show decals go up

We were so honored that Tommy Guerrero played again here at 3131… Marc and Tommy G.

Yong-Ki Chang with Todd Francis and Todd Bratrud

Tanaka “Rip” Tomonori

Installation at 3131 Clement Gallery in San Francisco is open until October 30
Viewings by appointment

Original artwork for sale exclusively at 3131 x Equal Dist. starting next week

Thank you… Todd Francis, Tommy Guerrero, Jim Thiebaud, Julien Stranger, Ryan Kingman, Johnny Schillereff, Chris Pastras, Mark Whiteley, Craig Harbick, Duane Lamb, Marcus Lin, Ferris Plock, Travis Jensen, Chris Myers, Anthony David Adams, and Isaac McKay-Randozzi

Mahalo to everyone who supported this years 3131 Clement Gallery show…

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