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Full Speed Powerslide... Jason Foster

I had a great session with Jason Foster and Dave Janusko, trying old tricks, getting into some new ones and just goofin' off like you're supposed to when the folks are right and the vibe is on-point.  Phone [o] I took of Foster full-speed screeching on White Yolks and in a pair of Taylor Stitch x Solitary Arts for Bob Lake, lightweight flannel-lined denim jeans

Aloha Friday...

Todd Francis' Original Hand-Painted Pig Deck, Up For Auction

Todd Francis hand painted this classic hog shaped deck to raise money to benefit the Culver City softball league his daughters play for.  Painted and signed in January 2013, this one of a kind painting is acrylic and ink on wood (Handmade, one-off, 7-ply Canadian maple deck in support of Coach Francis), and features his recognizable pigeons, which have been synonymous with Francis and Antihero Skateboards since the mid 1990's.  Every cent raised from the sale of this deck will go directly to benefit the Culver City Fast Pitch softball league.

Ebay auction starts on January 31, 2013, 7am PST and will run for 7 days.  

Click HERE to show your support. Thank you...!

Deck Dimensions: 9.5" wide 15"WB  31" length; 7 ply Canadian maple.  

Handmade in Los Angeles with custom wheel-wells, exclusively for Equal Dist.  

Taylor Stitch, "Share Your Wear"

Please, Share Your Wear... 15% off when they share your photo.  

Below, Bob Lake in his signature Taylor Stitch x Solitary Arts, "Project Jacket" and Anthony Masters with his custom made 8.5" piglet, over-head. 

Taylor Stitch x Solitary Arts for Bob Lake Collection

Flyin' the Flannel...! or what Bob might say..."!@^%!&*"

I'm very proud to work with Anthony Masters and his family at Taylor Stitch for the Bob Lake Collection.  Today marks the first launch of Bob's flannel-lined project jacket (perfect for San Francisco and other climates which require something in-between a coat and a shirt) and an accompanying set of 13 ounce flannel-lined jeans. Support the handmade and those that have a passion for learning and creating quality products with quality people. 

Mahalo guys for making this happen to one of the best skateboaders, on and off the board... 

Video above and all photographs by Anthony Masters.  All graphic assistance by Mikey Armenta. Bob Lake shown below in his project jacket and jeans. 

Atlas Presents, "Under The Radar"

Atlas Skateboarding in downtown San Mateo is hosting, "Under The Radar," a photo exhibit featuring a great list of skateboarders who take awesome photographs.  Equal Dist's own Isaac McKay-Randozzi will be featured amongst works by Travis Jensen, Keith Hufnagel, Joe Brook, Remio, Tony Manfre, Robbie Jeffers, and Patrick Beaudouin.   

Saturday, January 26th from 7-11PM. 

209 2nd Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94401 - Tel 650.401.7110

Taylor Stitch x Solitary Arts: Bob Lake Collection

My good friend, Anthony Masters and I go back a good number of years and we've always been connected through our passion for skateboarding.  Recently, he's been heading-up some fine projects for San Francisco's own, Taylor Stitch.  Taylor Stitch is an independent shirt maker focused on the ideals of everlasting quality and style.  He took this photo of myself with co-owner, Mikey Armenta, Bob Lake, and Outlaw John Baise in front of one of Bob's VW's. We made a visit to the Taylor Stitch headquarters to go over details regarding the upcoming Bob Lake Collection via the Solitary Arts and Taylor Stitch. 

Truly honored guys... Mahalo!  

Iris Skateboards available in the Mini Skate Shop

George Rocha hand-makes and builds Iris Skateboards in San Francisco. He's also known for building spots like Thrasher's Double-Rock and the FTC in-store contest setups over the years besides shredding roundwalls himself. With his steady contribution toward skateboarding, it's no surprise that he's now pressing and creating a ridable piece of art from approximately 18 broken boards, allowing us all the opportunity to revive the souls of 18 different skateboarders. Experiential to say the least...

Recycled crushed beer bottles complete the glass griptape... an amazing finish to George's boards. 

3 shapes, built as completes, with option for different trucks and wheels, are available in the Mini Skate Shop.  All completes come with Robot Guts Hardware. Also available at DLX in San Francisco and other fine retailers.  

Robot Guts - Mini Skate Shop

I'm stoked on my good friends, Buddah and Alissa for starting their home-grown hardware company, Robot Guts out of San Francisco. Support their DIY project and know that you're backing some truly fine folks who are passionate about skateboarding and skateboarders. Chuck Treece and Bob Lake ride for them amongst many others... Next time you setup your board, pour out your guts! 

Click image below to visit the Mini Skate Shop and get yourself a few sets. All hardware sizes available (0.75" up to 1.5"). 

EZ Ryder Koa Complete By Jef Hartsel and Jay Adams

By far the best and most thought-out complete I've seen built. From the minds of Jef Hartsel and Jay Adams, this EZ Ryder complete is made with Koa wood, which is indigenous to Hawaii (now, pretty much only on the Big Island). With rich reds and browns, Koa has been coveted for centuries by Hawaiians. Pressed with love and built for perfection, this deck is a 4-stringer (Birch) with 5 laminates (Koa) and comes complete with sand casted aluminum trucks (hand-painted black and red by Jef Hartsel at his studio), 45mm 2-tone clay composite wheels, Abec 7 shieldless bearings and stainless steel mounting hardware (traditional and not drilled through the deck). 

Length: 25"
Width: 6"
Wheel-Base: 14.625"
Nose: 3.625"
Tail: 3.625"

These EZ Ryder Koa Completes are from the "Product Of Design" exhibit in Los Angeles and were specifically for the Mini Skate Shop. Only a handful of these even exist.  Total made, 50 completes.  Every board is hand-built by Jef Hartsel.  When you purchase one of these completes, know that all funds go back directly to Jef Hartsel and not a wholesaler or distributor, but directly back to the craftsman. Get 1 of the last 5 that Hartsel saved for the Mini Skate Shop. Mahalo... 

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