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Hand-Screened Travelers By Zarosh Eggleston

The Traveler boards are original deadstock solid wood decks, approximately 30 years old. Every deck has its own distinctive wood pattern. All of them are equaly beautiful but remember, these decks have been moved around for quite some time... now it's time to ride them. 

For this round, I'm honored to have Zarosh Eggleston, pro rider for Death Skateboards, take liberty in hand-screening his choice of colors and positioning of, "The Solitary Arts" graphic onto each board. 

Zarosh also runs Platipus Skateboards, which helps fund his Cachagua Land project in Monterey, California. You can find Zarosh at Bro-Prints in Santa Cruz, screening some of the best goods made for skateboarding. 

Available now in our Mini Skate Shop.

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