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Todd Francis' "Tis The Season For Suicide"

Celebrating the tradition of suicides during the holidays, the "Tis the Season for Suicide" series of holiday ornaments by Todd Francis is now available.  Displaying some of the most popular ways of ending it all, this set of four ornaments features artwork by the longtime skateboard artist printed on shatterproof, white acrylic ornaments.  Sure to be a timeless hit with kids and grandparents alike, they're now available through Equal Distribution.  Happy Holidays!  - Todd Francis 

Todd Francis is an American artist born and raised in Los Angeles.  Since 1993 he has created memorable and iconic skateboard graphics for a number of skate companies including Antihero, Element, Spitfire, New Deal and Stereo.  In addition, Todd has collaborated on signature design projects with respected brands such as Vans, Nike, Oakley, Stance, and Atlas.  His work combines often-bleak humor with environmental and political concerns, using a variety of media to convey his various messages.  

Todd has been featured in numerous skate, art and culture magazines like Monster Children, Complex, Print, Color, Slap and The Skateboard Mag, and his artwork has appeared in a long list of gallery shows nationally and internationally, including a 2008 retrospective at the 3131/Equal Dist. Gallery in San Francisco, CA and in the board graphics section of several of the Beautiful Losers art shows from 2004-05.  He is also a featured artist and speaker in the ongoing Full Deck : A Short History of Skate Art, a traveling art show that's toured major galleries since 2009.  Releasing in early 2013 is Look Away: The Art of Todd Francis, a book spotlighting his career and his art

All 4 ornaments are double-sided with only one bearing the, "Tis The Season For Suicide" graphic

$56 for set of 4 ornaments includes shipping within the U.S. 

Box of 4 white ornaments includes, High Explosives, Self Inflicted Gunshot Pills And Booze, and A Noose And A Chair 

Size: 3-1/4" diameter acrylic (shatterproof) ornaments


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