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Scumco & Sons - Mini Skate Shop

I'm very proud to have Scumco & Sons' true handmade goods in the Mini Skate Shop.  Out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Scumco & Sons have been steadily garnering respect and loyalty and rightfully so with goods such as the ones available below. The Rinky Dink deck is offered with various exotic wood finishes (bottom ply) such as Redwood Burl, Purpleheart, Eucalyptus, Carpathian Elm Burl, and Bloodwood. They source the wood, get them down to plys and have their board maker in Pennsylvania press them to create these beautiful and functional decks. Don't miss out on the Scumco detachable broomstick/bag Street Sweeper either... it's just plain genius.  

Click on the image below to purchase from the Mini Skate Shop. Thank you... 

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