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Iris Skateboards available in the Mini Skate Shop

George Rocha hand-makes and builds Iris Skateboards in San Francisco. He's also known for building spots like Thrasher's Double-Rock and the FTC in-store contest setups over the years besides shredding roundwalls himself. With his steady contribution toward skateboarding, it's no surprise that he's now pressing and creating a ridable piece of art from approximately 18 broken boards, allowing us all the opportunity to revive the souls of 18 different skateboarders. Experiential to say the least...

Recycled crushed beer bottles complete the glass griptape... an amazing finish to George's boards. 

3 shapes, built as completes, with option for different trucks and wheels, are available in the Mini Skate Shop.  All completes come with Robot Guts Hardware. Also available at DLX in San Francisco and other fine retailers.  

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