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Porous Walker vs Bob Kronbauer Virtual S-K-A-T-E

Porous Walker came by yesterday with Isaac McKay-Randozzi, Lisa Romero, and Lil’ BB to the 3131 studio and with a break in the weather here in San Francisco, we decided to go across the street and make some turns. Turns out that Bob K. of Club Mumble has been getting 360 flips and fakie 360 flips on the Big Red up in Vancouver. The fakie 360 flip on the Big Red is now referred to as the KRONBAUER as affectionally coined by Porous. Looks like they’ve got a virtual game of S-K-A-T-E going down and it’s getting heated. Check for updates on Club Mumble and see what tricks they’ve got in their bag as this thing progresses.

Porous was first with a fakie big spin

Bob K. had this to say in response

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