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LA Trip: 02/17 - 02/18

With the rain consistently pouring down and the wind picking-up here in San Francisco, Isaac and I weren’t sure about the drive down to LA this week. We decided it was worth the risk even with the grapevine being closed the day before on the I-5 due to ice and snow. We pleasantly found the drive to be relaxing and got into LA without any problems.

Majority of the car-load were all of the decks from Todd Francis’ personal collection that was installed for the 3131 solo show he had last September. Sitting on the top of the box is the original Anti-Hero eagle artwork packed for safe delivery.

Phone photo of the I-5 on our way down.

Our first stop in LA was the Stereo office. They have the Todd Francis x 3131 Deck over their door.

Isaac setup a quick photo shoot in their hallway.

I walked into the Stereo warehouse and found the Big Red up against the stock-shelves.

Geoff and myself at his Champion Studio going over the advanced copy of the latest Solitary Arts line sheet.

Isaac conducting an impromptu interview with Todd Francis at the Element office (Kingman’s office).

Hanging on Kingman’s wall was the Geoff McFetridge x Juice deck.

A small stack of bags from In4mation and Poetree were on the floor. Hawaii represent.

Went to Andy Jenkins office at Girl. Both the Solitary Arts Traveler and Pocket Horn were displayed on his bookshelf.
Sorry we missed lunch with you, Andy… next time for sure.

Isaac and Michael Coleman at the Girl park getting ready to film a Fourstar short flick that Isaac created.

Isaac and Coleman, shoe-less.

Chinook over Girl.

Isaac and Andy Mueller and the Chinook helicopter flying above.

Visited the Gallery Space in Hollywood. New Solitary Arts shirts on the front table… thanks to Mollusk!

A few blocks from the Gallery Space is the Nike Cinema at The Montalbán. Geoff did the installation over the entire building.
Yeah, this is MEGA!

Found 1 of 2 skateboarders.

The other skater in the mix.

We had coffee and rice crispies, dusted with chocolate and cinnamon before heading home.

Isaac had one… I had two.

Thanks to everyone for their hospitality!

Isaac also wrote about our trip down to LA last week on the SLAP blog.

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