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  • Traveler  Deadstock Original

    Traveler Deadstock Original

    The Traveler boards are original deadstock solid wood decks, approximately 30 years old...

    $ 0.00

  • Big Red Deck

    Big Red Deck

    Our first board and one that we’re really proud of. The inspiration for this board came...

    $ 0.00

  • Moonlights Risers

    Moonlights Risers

    Set of TWO Moonlights & mounting hardware. These risers are 0.25" (1/4") high and c...

    $ 0.00

  • Drifters: 58mm 87a

    Drifters: 58mm 87a

    58mm 87a durometer The graphics are screened on the inside as a nod to everyone who ty...

    $ 0.00

  • Black Eggs: 50mm 87a

    Black Eggs: 50mm 87a

    50mm 87a durometer Technical in size and shape, yet softer for the mellower ride.  Se...

    $ 0.00

  • Solitary Arts Sticker Pack

    Solitary Arts Sticker Pack

    Pack of assorted Solitary Arts stickers.  Not all are shown here so we'll make sure to ...

    $ 0.00

  • Pin Set

    Pin Set

    Set of SIX various Solitary Arts 1”pins, made by me or someone who's visiting the studi...

    $ 0.00