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Big Red Complete

Vendor: Solitary Arts
Type: Skateboard

Our first board and one that we’re really proud of. The inspiration for this board came from a random find in the outer Sunset district of San Francisco, years ago. I picked up the original which had, “BIG RED” across the top-deck in die-cut grip.
Our version borrows from the Big Red in shape and size. We wanted a board that conjured-up the innocence and fun-times of our past but built and taken into consideration todays technical specifications, so, for our Big Red, we added concave and a bit of upturned nose/tail. 7-ply Hard-rock Maple which features our mini-tail. The tail is much shorter than your typical skateboard, which forces you to rethink how you ride. Carve it...

Full-Dipped Red Painted Deck
Hand Silk-Screened Top and Bottom Graphics
Dimensions: 28" length; 8" at the widest; 15.25" wheelbase
Made In California

Complete with:
1) ACE 11 Trucks
2) Drifters Wheels 58mm 87a Durometer (Single Conical Front. Offset Bearing-Seat)
3) Risers
4) Mounting Hardware
5) Abec 7 Shieldless “Steely” Bearings by Solitary Arts
6) Custom Die-Cut Foot Griptape

“The Solitary Arts is about triggering the paradigm shift, about looking beyond the definitions of what skateboarding is, and what a skateboard is. Skateboarding is moments between tricks, its different boards for different skate spots, sometimes it’s trick-less, it’s about sometimes riding wheels that are not so hard and loud that you can’t hear yourself think. It can be silent no-tap ollies and carving in a way you can only do with soft wheels. It’s about a quiver…” – GM

Hand-built individually in California

Shipping Included U.S.A.