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Traveler Deadstock Original

Vendor: Solitary Arts
Type: Skateboard

The Traveler boards are original deadstock solid wood decks, approximately 30 years old. They were mass produced in the late 70’s. We hand-routed the bottom-center to allow a place where the Solitary Arts Moon graphic, in clear circle-cut decal, can sit comfortably. This allows the uniqueness of each decks individual wood-grain to show through. The routed-circle sounds easy but the bottom of the deck has a nice bevel that forced us to go through countless routing bits in order to achieve the depth we wanted.

Every deck has its own distinctive wood pattern. All of them are equally beautiful.

The Black Egg wheels were made for this board specifically. This is the best ride that we believe can be done with this simple, yet beautiful setup.

Old Travler, New Outlook


Length: 22.875"
Width: 5.5"
Wheel-Base: 10.75"
Tail: 3.75"
Nose: 2.625"

Upturned-Tail; Flat Nose

Hand-routed bottom-center circle: 4.5"
We stained the boards ourselves

Complete with:
1) Deadstock Traveler board
2) Tracker Mid-Tracks 89mm
3) Black Eggs 50mm 87a Durometer Wheels
4) Sheildless ABEC 7 Steely Bearings
5) 1.25" Mounting Hardware
6) Custom S.A. Cut Grip

Shipping Included U.S.A.