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Mark Oblow x The Kills x Impossible Project

Mark Oblow was asked to photograph The Kills and their fans for their, "Under The Gun" project supporting their new album, "Ash & Ice."  They ran a contest where 15 lucky folks received a tattoo courtesy of Mark Mahoney and his Shamrock Social Club.  Watch the video below and a selection of the Impossible Project photographs that Oblow took.  For all of the photographs taken that day, click HERE.  Thanks to everyone for the hospitality at this event.  Special thanks to Tiffany at Monotone Inc






Mark Oblow on KTUH Radio with Julia Cornell (The Manifesto)

Mark Oblow spent an hour with Julia Cornell (The Manifesto on Monday's from Noon-3PM) at KTUH on June 27th while on Oahu for his, "Hawaii, Stuck To Me" solo events. You can hear the hour long interview with the ever charismatic Oblow with vinyl music pulled by Yong-Ki and Evan Mock

• ...time well spent at the ktuh radio vinyl room pulling for @markoblow and @cyberspacejulia's interview hour this past week. mahalo for the snap @evanmock #visitingvinyl

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Mark Oblow, "Hawaii, Stuck To Me" at Fitted Hawaii - Opening Reception and Capsule Collection - June 24, 2016

I'm truly proud of Mark Oblow and all that he's done to push every aspects of his art, photography and most importantly, all of us skateboarders and surfers. 

His solo opening show on his home island of Oahu, Hawaii opens at FITTED's Hale Nuihi warehouse/gallery space (next door to BJ Penn's UFC Gym) from 6-10PM on Friday, June 24, 2016.  

"Hawaii, Stuck To Me" consists of Oblow's 2016 resin works in mixed media, most notably, a continuation of his 40+ year old deadstock skateboards. He's incorporated his photography, hand-cut block prints/stencils, doodles, laser-cutter, and paint, all under resin, which harkens back to his youth as a sponsored surfer.  All stunning, beautiful and desirable.

This show will consist of 95 original resin pieces featured on two of the main walls at the space along with a huge block print installation.  Instead of a numbered print edition for the opening, Oblow created individually hand-made original and unique block prints on Japanese book pages.

We'll also debut a special event shirt made by RVCA for Oblow, two moblow enamel pins made by RollingDeathMaui, custom push pins for the original block print installation made by The Speed Merchant, and What Youth magazines featuring Mark Oblow covers.


• oblow ohana made it! (missing @scottoblow) @mrsoblow & pops • @markoblow's solo show on oahu, "hawaii, stuck to me" opening reception @fitted on aloha friday, june 24, 2016 from 6-10pm @shakasxalohas (bbq) 746 auahi street, unit d honolulu, hawaii 96813 • daytime open house is on saturday, june 25 from 2-6pm • sunday, june 26 from noon-4pm • artist meet / greet at nordstroms, ala moana presented by @electric • monday, june 27 from 11am-6pm special installation @treehousehawaii • sunday, july 3 from 6-10pm closing show @apbskateshop ______________ mahalo to these fine sponsors for their support for #moblow @rvca @electric @stancesocks @thespeedmerchant @rollingdeathmaui @whatyouth @equaldist #hawaiistucktome

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• mahalo, @brophybd and @rvca for the show shirt, available tonight! • @markoblow's solo show on oahu "hawaii, stuck to me" • opening reception @fitted today, aloha friday, june 24, 2016 from 6-10pm @shakasxalohas (bbq) 746 auahi street, unit d honolulu, hawaii 96813 (backside - next to bj penn's gym) • daytime open house is on saturday, june 25 from 2-6pm • sunday, june 26 from noon-4pm • monday, june 27 from 11am-6pm special installation @treehousehawaii • sunday, july 3 from 6-10pm closing show @apbskateshop ______________ mahalo to these fine sponsors for their support for #moblow @rvca @electric @stancesocks @thespeedmerchant @rollingdeathmaui @whatyouth @equaldist #hawaiistucktome

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In addition, FITTED will be releasing their Mark Oblow capsule line at their retail store across from Ala Moana and on their online shop on Friday, June 24th. The collection consists of two hats, a tee and a tank with original artwork by Oblow under his moblow life-style brand moniker.


Mark Oblow, "Hawaii, Stuck To Me" - Solo Show

...In Progress - Mark Oblow, "Hawaii, Stuck To Me"


hawaii stuck to me june 24th honolulu @equaldist

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Order Porous Walker's New Book, "Fine Sketch Vol. 100."

Porous Walker has a new book and you should order one now. His previous releasees sold out in a few days so do yourself a favor and head over to and order yours along with some other fine offerings.

Thanks to @nigelpeppercock for animating some of my drawings!

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Bob Lake... My Favorite Skateboarder - May 28, 2016

• @bxlx...! quick edit from yesterday's sesh @acetrucks #moblow

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Mark Oblow, Preparing For, "Hawaii, Stuck To Me"

• evening jams... @markoblow @equaldist

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Aloha Friday!

moblow Pins Available NOW!

Mark Oblow designed block prints, turned into enamel pins are available now on the site!  One in silver finish, the other in gold.  

PMA - Positive Mental Aloha

Don't Fuck With My Aloha


mark oblow x rolling death maui
numbered edition of 200
1" soft enamel pin with two backing studs.
pin comes with original photograph by mark oblow, snapped in hawaii.
packed in clear cellophane bag.

Photo - Stencil - Block Print - Laser - Skateboard - Moblow

Congratulations, Evan Mock! First for moblow

Mark Oblow's Brass Knuckles

Mark Oblow has been steadily creating new works for his upcoming solo show on Oahu, Hawaii this Summer. Building on deadstock, 40+ year old skateboards, he's chosen to have existing 7-ply decks laser cut into brass knuckle shapes, which he then imbeds into these classic boards. Finished with multiple layers of resin, they're starting to get interest from buyers with a few spoken for already. 

Email: for inquires / purchase

Mark Oblow x Fitted in Contrast Magazine #16

Open the first page of the new Contrast Magazine, Issue 16 and you'll see the Fitted x Mark Oblow ad featuring artwork and a classic Hawaii photograph of Stacey Gibo at, "Off The Walls." 

This Summer, lookout for the capsule project between these two Hawaiian powerhouses and an art show continuing Oblow's, "Stuck To Me" resin and block print works for the remainder of this year.

More information to come with dates, location and release info. 






• new issue of @contrastmag, issue 16 made in hawaii

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Mark Oblow x Rolling Death

Grab 'um now...HERE!

Numbered edition and with two backing studs with each pin.  

These two pins come with original photo cardstocks by Mark Oblow

• mean da new @markoblow x @rollingdeathmaui pins! #positivementalaloha #moblow

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What Youth Issue 14 with Mark Oblow

What Youth Issue 14 

The new cover is amazing as it stands and was intended to be the third Mark Oblow cover photo. It still is... it's just within the issue itself. This story and an amazing layout for the Impossible Project entitled, "Between Two Homes: CA/HI" by Oblow along with his, "Back Den" is available now, HERE.

Mark Oblow - Work In Progress For, "Hawaii, Stuck To Me"

Mark Oblow is working on an upcoming solo show in Hawaii this Summer aptly called, "Hawaii, Stuck To Me", continuing his 2016 tour of his current resin works and original block prints.  

preparation for my next show "hawaii stuck to me" end of june info soon. video @ykc @equaldist

A video posted by mark oblow (@markoblow) on


spreading resin for my next show. "hawaii stuck to me" ending of june. video @ykc @equaldist

A video posted by mark oblow (@markoblow) on

Mark Oblow x Slowtide on Hypebeast

Porous Walker x Tom Sachs x Satan Ceramics - Juxtapoz

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