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Good Wood Benefit; Online Auction and Opening

Benefiting Power House Productions and their efforts to build Ride it Sculpture Park in Detroit, the online auction for 100 original decks will be ready for bidding on May 19th at the Good Wood site with an opening scheduled for May 26, 2012 (details on the flyer).

My personal favorite is the Don Pendleton original below...!  

Instagram: #solitaryarts

Thanks to everyone around the world that has been tagging #solitaryarts on Instagram!  

Worn Path in Portland, Oregon

We're proud to have the Solitary Arts at Worn Path in Portland, Oregon.  Worn Path is the brainchild of Niles Armstrong and he's recently started his remodel at the old Mississippi Records store on 4007 N. Mississippi Avenue.  Check him out this coming May when he opens his doors for the very first time and show your support. Congratulations, Niles!  

Niles, K/F above and a video short below with some Drifters... 

Donate to the Flowershop

I've seen lots of photos and videos of people riding the Flowershop and chopping away at it's coping, so go ahead and make a donation to get enough funds to complete this DIY spot in San Francisco. Aaron spends his own money and time working on said coping that you're hacking away at and the transitions that get you to that rock top. Click the link below and send him some funds.  It's your duty as a skateboarder.  


[o] by Bryce Kanights that I pulled from his Instrgram post today. Follow him @originalbk

Kelly Tunstall and Ferris Plock for Rise Japan

Hey Everybody,

Kelly Tunstall and I created illustrations for two tote bags for Rise Japan. Rise Japan is an organization that is helping raise money for the ongoing support of the people of Japan. I know it isn't front-page news anymore, but the people there are still suffering badly and are in need of aid. Rise Japan asked Kelly Tunstall and I to create designs for tote bags with all the money received going to the relief effort going on in Japan. Kinokuniya Bookstore sponsored the whole run of tote bags, which is awesome, and can be purchase there too! 

be good,
Ferris Plock


Mattson 2 and Ray Barbee April 10, 2012


Artdump at THIS, April 6, 2012


Paul Urich's Studio, Saturday, April 7, 2012


Kyle Field / Little Wings in Japan


From Estonia, With Love

Thanks to Henno in Estonia and his support for the Solitary Arts. 

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